One Case at a Time

In case you did not know, we started with the desire to use my passion for design to help people.


With each project, our cases serve as a little reminder and give back to a related organization. We hope to inspire others to spread these messages of kindness and love. In addition to helping with the cases, incaseyoudidnotknow supports creatives and advocates by featuring their work. Our community is a space where creativity and advocacy unite for collaboration. Join us by sharing photos, videos, and stories of We're all in this Together moments. 

The We’re all in this Together project started mid-March 2020 after the outbreak of COVID-19, with the goal to remind people that when we unite, change happens. But this message is universal to more than a global pandemic. We're all in this together when it comes to equality, peace, justice, and many more cases. As we go on with our day to day, hopefully, the 'We're all in this Together' case, can remind you just that. 

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